Civil Collaborative Practice

While Collaborative Practice originally arose in the family law arena, many lawyers have realized that it is an appropriate tool in other civil cases. In Civil (non-family) cases, it is still in the early stages.

Probate, employment, medical error, and business formation and dissolution are among the most common areas where civil collaborative is the tool of choice.

The Global Collaborative Law Council is a growing group of attorneys attorneys committed to assisting clients in managing conflict and resolving disputes without litigation.

Avoiding Litigation: A Guide to Civil Collaborative Law by Sherrie R. Abney describes “a better way” to handle disputes.

I used to follow the professors around saying, "Why do we do it this way?"

Sherrie R. Abney
Sherrie Abney is an author and co-founder of the Global Collaborative Law Council.
Lawrence Maxwell was a trial lawyer for over 40 years before discovering the collaborative law process.

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